To create a platform for newcomers seeking refuge to share their stories through art, research, and digital media in order to challenge negative misconceptions

We are a student and graduate-led social enterprise working towards:

  • Challenging negative misconceptions of refugees and asylum seekers through art, digital media, and educational events

  • Aiding newcomer integration through creative community building

  • Raising funds for local charities working to build better lives for refugees and asylum seekers



We envision a world where newcomers, everywhere, are accepted with open arms


We are all unique humans

We accept everyone and believe in diversity and inclusion.

We work together collaboratively and in harmony.

We do our best to understand each other and treat each other with respect.

We value mental and physical well-being.

We are all unique humans

We aim to provide opportunities for newcomers, volunteers, artists and the community, without discrimination

Newcomers: we aim to provide a platform for newcomers to share their voices, and represent themselves as they want 


Volunteers: we aim to help our volunteers develop both personally and professionall


Artists: we aim to support our partnering artists and provide a platform to showcase their work

The Community: we aim to educate about the misconceptions surrounding refugees and help people find the humanity in each other

We aim to be transparent and honest

This includes our finances, impact, partners, operations and, as much as it makes sense, our direction 

We aim to convey this in how we communicate with each other and with everyone we meet.

We work to enable change, and keep our purpose at the center of everything we do. We are driven, dynamic and believe that change can happen.

We work to enable change

We strive to think freely and openly by valuing creativity and innovation. We try to find solutions and maintain a positive, growth mindset.

We believe that nothing is impossible

We strive to do everything as sustainably as possible, and be conscientious about our supply chains

We care about people, the planet, and purpose