Head of Creative (Volunteer)

*Before you start reading this, you might want to have a look at our website: www.COLOURSedinburgh.co.uk



Starting Date: As soon as possible

End date (until further agreement): July 2020


Time commitment: 6 - 7 hours/week (depending on events)

Deadline for applications: 18th August 


We are a group of students & recent graduates creating a platform for Scotland’s Refugees to share their voice through art. Through a research-driven educational campaign, we use our online presence and creative events to raise awareness in the local community about what it means to be a refugee, with the vision of a welcoming and accepting society.


We are looking for a Head of Creative to, alongside the Head of Project Operations, motivate the team and drive COLOURS' creative vision for the year. The successful candidate will be leading a team of about 18 dedicated, skillful and highly motivated volunteers. The ideal candidate should be a natural leader, socially driven (specifically within the issues surrounding refugee and asylum seeker integration) and creatively minded. 


The Head of Creative will work directly with the Board on the creative direction of the project, and be key in shaping COLOURS' 2019-2020. The ideal candidate will bring with them ideas they are willing to share and implement. The will also be trustworthy and reliable in making sure team meetings run smoothly and everyone is involved. 



This is a non-paid, volunteer position, but can be one of the most rewarding and career booming opportunity you’ve had so far. Some benefits of this role are:  


  • Leading a team that will make a real impact

  • Raising awareness amongst thousands of people about the issues facing refugees and asylum seekers, helping to challenge misconceptions and negative perceptions

  • Make lifelong friends that have similar interests and a similar mindset to you

  • Gain valuable experience in playing a key role in developing a newly established and fast-growing social enterprise

  • Gain first-hand experience in the social enterprise scene in Edinburgh

  • Gain valuable experience in both creative and practical skills in the art industry

  • Shape and curate a creative vision and professional art exhibition

  • Make valuable life-long connections to add to your network, especially within the third sector

  • Add an impressive role to your CV that demonstrates tangible skills, leadership, professional experience, and decision-making

  • Be a part of a social enterprise with high growth potential and potential future internationalisation



Creative Management: 

  • Overseeing the creative operations and directions of the team, directly managing the Arts Lead (as well as the Events Lead and Marketing Lead, along with the Head of Project Operations)

  • Liaising with the board on larger decisions and reporting on progress

  • Ensure good communication and teamwork between the Arts, Events, and Marketing Team 

Creative Vision and Strategy: 

  • Liaising with the Creative Director to set an artistic/creative vision for the year

  • Ensuring that this vision is communicated and carried out throughout the year (e.g the “red thread” that is recognisable throughout our artistic events)

  • Liaising and working with the Head of Project Operations on the COLOURS project plan for the year

  • Work with the Arts Lead and Creative Director on creating the artistic theme for the exhibition and event marketing

  • Recruitment: Assisting with Lead recruitment and the recruitment of team members


What are we looking for? (You don’t have to tick everything off. The more, the better of course!)

  • Socially driven with the aim to use business skills to better the world

  • Interested in both the Refugee Crisis & Art

  • Friendly, approachable and understanding

  • Good leadership skills

  • Good MS Office skills

  • Relatively tech savvy

  • Currently doing or recently completed an arts (or similar) degree

  • Passionate about / interested in curation for social messaging and creating a platform for marginalised voices