Upcoming Events

Lives in Transit - COLOURS of Edinburgh.

All are welcome to our week-long art exhibition and auction that will be closing the Scottish Refugee Council's Scottish Refugee Festival 2019. At our event we will be presenting the experiences of refugees through written accounts of interviews and multimedia art.

We will be presenting interviews that our research team have conducted with refugees who have resettled in Scotland, as part of our long-term mission to eliminate misconceptions of refugees and asylum seekers. These interviews will be complemented by screenings of animations based on these accounts.

The second part of our event is an auction made up of art from both local and international artists who respond to refugee experiences in their work. Expect a variety of painting, photography, sculpture and film. Throughout the week, the artwork will be auctioned to the public. The profits made from selling the artwork will be divided between our partner charities; Bikes for Refugees - Scotland SCIO and The Welcoming Edinburgh, the artists who have collaborated and towards future COLOURS of Edinburgh projects.

The exhibition will be fully accessible to wheelchair-users. Additionally our event is open to all members of the public, and discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.