5 Minutes with Daisy

by Pauline Libosvar

Daisy*, the first runner up in our Beauty in the Ordinary photography competition, is a Turkish refugee residing in Norwich, UK. Her entry 'The Moment' was captured on a Huawei phone camera in her home during lockdown. Pauline sat down with her for a 5 minute insight into her photography and perspective on the last few months.

What made you want to participate in the competition?

I’m a student in Norwich and the organisation New Routes Development heard about the competition and shared the information with me. So I decided to give it a try and send in a photo.

What did you want to capture in your photo?

I really like some small corners of my home. This is one of them. The photo represents how everything stopped suddenly in the lockdown. Time stopped, everything stopped in the world. Everyone was so confused as to what will happen. But it made everyone see what they have around them in their homes.

Is photography something you have been interested in for a long time?

I’m an amateur but I like using my phone to take photos of nature. I particularly like taking photos when the sun is out. It’s so rare to have sunshine in England the weather is often so overcast. Light is something I like in photos.

What has been your experience during this lockdown period?

I have been studying education at the University in Norwich and staying in student accommodation with my son and husband. In March I finished my studies so I was meant to move into a house but with the lockdown this was no longer possible. The lockdown caused a lot of problems; houses weren’t being given out to asylum seekers, my son was so bored and was so confused and my husband doesn’t have a work permit. I couldn’t find work either so we had money problems. The Immigration office said that we had to stay in whatever accommodation we had. Luckily the university allowed us to stay but then the next issue was how to pay the rent. We asked the Immigration office for a hardship payment but a lot of people were applying for it. Luckily everything is getting better now. We were so happy when we got the hardship payment. Tomorrow we’ll apply for again for housing for asylum seekers.

*Daisy is a chosen name


Find out more about Beauty in the Ordinary here: https://www.coloursedinburgh.co.uk/beauty-in-the-ordinary-2020

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