Guest Speaker: Amal Azzudin

by Jenny Dunn

“Our character defines us, not where we were born or if we are refugees”- Amal Azzudin

Amal Azzudin is the daughter of Somalian refugees, who had come to Britain to escape civil war. Her passion for human rights and social justice began in 2005 when the family of Agnesa Murselaj, a fellow 15 year-old pupil at Drumchapel High School in Glasgow, were dawn-raided and detained by the UK Border Force. Amal, along with six other school girls, campaigned against dawn raids, and the detention and deportation of asylum seekers. The Glasgow Girls lobbied so successfully that they forced change in asylum protocols and saved the Murselaj family from deportation. Their story has since been turned into two documentaries by the BBC, a musical and a television musical. Amal is now the Equality and Human Rights Officer for the Mental Health Foundation in Scotland, working on projects that focus on a community development approach to mental health in asylum seekers and refugee communities. She is also an ambassador for the Scottish Refugee Council and a member of Scotland’s Taskforce set up by the First Minister in response to the Refugee Crisis. In 2016, in recognition of her enthusiasm and success in campaigning, Amal was named one of the Young Women’s Movement’s Inspiring Women Under 30 and made a member of the Saltire Society’s Outstanding Women of Scotland.

‘Never give up hope in terms of wanting to make a positive difference. It may not always be easy, but as long as there is passion, determination and courage, anything is possible. I believe there is strength in unity, so working with others to achieve a goal is extremely helpful and can have a wider positive effect. This can also influence and inspire other young people to stand up for what they believe in.’ - Amal Amal will be our guest speaker at our exhibition ‘Through the Eyes of Scotland’s Refugees’ TOMORROW 21st June - Don’t miss out!! More info on Amal:

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